Brain-bending number puzzle


  • Fun challenge
  • Two difficulty levels


  • Lacking in help


It seems that everyone is obsessed with playing Sudoku these days but personally I've got a bit tired of the format and am hankering after something a bit different.

When I clapped eyes on Jumber I was immediately intrigued, for here was a number puzzler with a difference. The aim of this one is similar to Sudoku in that you need to fill an entire grid with numbers but it's there that the similarity ends, because in this Palm game you don't need to think about the numbers themselves but rather the position they are in.

You start with a grid of 5 x 5 (i. e. numbers 1 to 25), or 10 x 10 (1 to 100) and must add the numbers to the grid sequentially. However, you can only add the next number to certain squares around the one you just selected, which are highlighted in yellow.

It takes a while to figure out which squares will be available (there's no Help in the program to explain it), but once you've sussed out the pattern your scores will soar.

The gameplay is kind-of a cross between Sudoku and Minesweeper and it proves to be good fun. I found myself just tapping randomly at first but gradually started to think more tactically and fill up more of the grid (I got to 74).

Ultimately the game is very repetitive and despite the fact that games are timed, once you've reached 100 you probably won't want to go back and play it again too much.

The PalmAttitude community is proud to present its first game created in partnership by members of the forum: Jumber! Put the number from 1 to 100 (Normal mode - 10 x 10 square grid) or 1 to 25 (Easy mode 5 x 5 square grid) in the squares as quickly as possible, using only legal movements.

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